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Kush Boys Studios is a high caliber media facility based in Los Angeles with over 15 years of cannabis industry expertise. We’ve developed content in motion pictures, television, animation, and broadband media. We’ve produced brands in the cannabis community and consulted for businesses that are currently in or entering this booming industry.

Kush Boys was a producing partner in the first ever Cannabis convention “THC Expo” in 2009 and “THC Expose” in 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Our unique process combines proprietary technology, valuable relationships, and A-list talent to develop intellectual properties to augment the movement of our cannabis culture.

Our strengths lie in creative visual development, technical and production capabilities to create the next top quality generation of relevant, clever, humorous, and original content for film, television, digital and mobile media, merchandise and brands.
Kush Boys is an environmentally conscious company that utilizes a cloud-based paperless pipeline, low-carbon footprints, and green technology to help sustain a healthy cultural society. We’re focused on pursuing ventures that stimulate the pineal gland and vision of any free-thinkers.
We consider ourselves effective problem solvers that love to work to create awareness and solutions for today’s social issues. Our mission is to develop innovative ideas and brands that can help or heal, and promote high-vibrational elements with strategic partners and companies that are on similar uplifting frequencies as us.


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.


We tackled every company, brand or project with a different approach depending on what it is. The common factor of it all is the consciousness we bring to the drawing board. By being true to our roots, we streamline a masterplan that would look beautiful, function efficiently, inform people, make them feel good, and be profitable.

You have to do what you love in order to be fully comfortable in the creative process… and we love to do what we do. We understand finance, execution, management, social media, sales, marketing, advertising, branding, and the mindset of the new age millenials, and we’ve brought all these years of collective experiences under one company.

1. Talk

2. DO

3. Spread